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My Story

model | photographer | actor

 influencer | content creator

Nik Hampshire is a 21st century creative through and through. As the grandson  to   a  black  Louisiana  farmer  and  a  white  New England motorcycle  club  rider,  "normalcy" was unlikely from the jump.

Shortly after  acquiring  his  bachelor's  degree in communications, Nik planted new roots in Philadelphia while traveling the world, showing his adventures through his Instagram working as a model, actor, photographer, and videographer. Currently he has taken up residency in Los Angeles to see what the sunny west coast has to offer!

Influencer and content creator. His life is his social media. His social media is his life. His transparency, confidence, unique style and ability to challenge norms of all kinds from fashion, to gender, to race through art and social  media  has  helped  him  develop  an  eclectic  skillset and garner  a  following  that's allowed him to perceive and interact with life a little differently than most.

Let's work! 

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